Saturday, June 19, 2010

new jersey...

day 170 flickr project365

we left the D.C. area early this morning to pick up my guy from baltimore, maryland airport.  i'm glad it worked out where we found a cheap enough one way ticket so that he could join us and help with the drive. after we picked him up we headed to delaware to visit with my dad's friend he has not seen in 55 years!
(that's my pa on the right)
it was a loveLee reunion for both of them.  

afterwards we headed to new jersey for our next stop.  ok, so here's the deal.  new jersey is not very shall we say in tech terms user friendly.  their roads are not road friendly at all.  there's turnpikes, and toll charges everywhere, it's just crazy!  and you make one wrong turn and for tourists like me it could set you back a bit.  thankfully, tomorrow for father's day we are headed to the big apple for the day by train and the subway not by car. Yippee!



jozen said...

hope you are having a grand time! love the pic!

Diana Mieczan said...

It looks like you are having a blast:) Kisses darling and enjoy it:)
Muah, happy Sunday

Sandy a la Mode said...

sounds like you're having a lovelee time! have fun in NY!! get some good shopping in if you can! =)