Saturday, April 10, 2010

wiping, swiping and spring cleaning...

today ended up to be an outdoor spring cleaning day.  our back porch was covered in pollen.  pollen all over the hardwood floors and furniture.  so i took our handy dandy blower and blew all that pollen outta there. then i went over the hardwood floors with a dry mop and wiped down the furniture.  and since i was already cleaning i decided that i should probably retouch the wicker furniture out on the porch.  

as you can see, the spraypaint was already peeling off and they both needed a little sprucing up. 
see the rocking chair below?  well, let me back up a bit.  i bought this set from a lady off of craigslist because i am one of those big craigslist, goodwill hunting momma.  i live by the motto, "someone else's junk is someone else's treasure".  ok, so back to the story, when i bought them they were in need of some spray paint TLC love.  so i did the first two but never did the rocking chair.  i think it was because i ran out of spray paint and never went to the store to get another can.  so this rocking chair sat yucky looking for the past year or so.  i can't believe i went this long to finally do it.
anyhoo, i bought a can of spray paint from AC Moore with my 50% off coupon so it ended up costing me $2.60.  i got home brought the chairs out of the backporch and into the backyard so that i can retouch the top two and do a make-over on the wicker rocker.
here is how the retouching came out with the two chairs.

and here's the makeover of the rocking chair.
here is the two chairs all touched up looking pretty.
and here's the rocking chair looking gorge!

see the hanging lighted fireflies? 
Day 100 of flickr project365
they're so pretty turned on at night. along with tea light candles all around the backporch.  this is my favorite spot in the house on a beautiful not too hot, and not too cold, night.  like tonight.  so loveLee.

oh, and marks 100 days of flickr project365!  whew!  265 more days to go!



jozen said...

alely! your porch is just GORGEOUS!! the kind of porch i can spend a sunday afternoon sipping lemonade on (or avocado with milk and ice!!)

sharonlei said...

I love your porch. I wish we had one. :) Maybe one day!! Great way at restoring your patio furniture. Happy Sunday sweetie!

xx Love & Aloha

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

you have a gorgeous porch! Lucky you! I can see all of you sitting and enjoying a warm evening

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! Such a transformation. I love Craigslist- I know you got them for a deal, but your chairs look like a million bucks!