Sunday, April 18, 2010

a good find...

after church the fam and i minus miss girly (she spent the day at carowinds amusement park with a friend) tried out this new restaurant.  i am always on the look out for good asian restaurants and i happened to stumble upon this one when i dropped off miss girly at her friends house this morning.  so after church we headed straight over here.
the place had definitely been remodeled and the decor was very modern and done very tastefully.  the menu consisted of chinese, japanese and thai dishes.  however, we were a bit concerned because the only customers they had were my family, a group of four ladies, and another one other family in another part of the restaurant and i only knew this because i had to make a trip to the ladies room and saw them in this separate room.  because of the lack of customers we were somewhat nervous that the food wasn't going to be all that good.  well, much to our surprise, they were all very good.  
miss girly loved her japanese noodles...she said next time she was going to have 2 orders!
(udon noodles, broccoli, bell pepper, sprouts, carrots and mushrooms)
my guy had beef teriyaki
i had thai masamam curry
(chicken, onions, potatoes, bellpeppers, peanuts in a coconut sauce)
mr. L had beef with garlic sauce.
day 108 flickr project365
our fortunes!

so in the end it turned out to be a good find. we enjoyed and liked it very much, enough to put it on our list of favorite places to eat!



sharonlei said...

OH the food looks soooo yummy! nom.nom.nom. Happy Sunday Alely!!

xx Love & Aloha

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Sandy a la Mode said...

your food pictures are making me hungry alely, and i just ate dinner too haha!! did you get both of those fortunes at once?? that's cool that they were both about family!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Oh my yummm! I love trying out new places... Where is this?

Blessings & Aloha!

Darcy said...

Looks super yummy!!

Rachel said...

Hi! I am following you. I found you through MBC my blog is

Gracie said...

Ahh yum! Excellent photos. It's great when you find good restaurants. When I do I visit them constantly.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it neat when you stumble upon a place? So glad you enjoyed your food. Except that your photos make me hungry and it's only 5:21 am!! ;)

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

looks delicious!

jozen said...

ohmymy!! all my fave foods together in ONE restaurant??

Small Burst said...

Love finding great restaurants. It's just about dinnertime and these pics are making me hungry!

Sunday said...

Now THOSE are some fortune cookies worth reading! I wish they could all be like that!