Thursday, March 4, 2010

thankful thursday...

thankful for the beautiful blue skies we had today
and the signs of spring coming...

thankful that my rosemary bushes are rapidly growing
and the flower buds on my vines are budding.

Also, thankful for a wonderful job that allows me to be able
to have time in the morning to make breakfast for my kids
and pack their lunches on the days they don't have catered lunch.

and this job also allows me to be home
in time to fix the kids a snack or have something ready for them 
to eat when they get home from school.

 time is fleeting.
my kids are older now, not little anymore but i enjoy being able to do 
this for them while i still can.
watching my kids grow up is amazing and heartbreaking 
at the same time.

many times i think to myself,
have i done enough, have i instilled enough value in them, did i mess
them up with some of the decisions i've made for them,
am i preparing them enough for what lies ahead of them
as adults?  will their hearts be in the right place?
i shouldn't really worry so much about the unknown,
God has them in their hands.

parenting is a journey and there really is no one
formula to parent well.
we are all a work in progress.
so for now, while they are still here at home...
i will be here for them
whether it's to make them breakfast, pack their lunches
or have a snack ready for them...
enjoying and relishing the time left.
because in the blink of an eye
they will be gone and off on their own.


Suzanne said...

Ohhh, love your photos! I'm foolin' around on the blog--the newest one, because I went back to Blogger!

Jenn Miyamoto said...

You have gorgeous kids! And with a mom like you, how can they go wrong?!

Small Burst said...

As parents all we can do is our best and pray it's enough. My kids are still very little but I already dread the day I'm not needed as much and when they're off on their own. I'm sure you're doing a great job, Mom! Glad you had clear sunny skies yesterday.

Sweet Tea and Biscuits said...

such a sweet heartfelt post! Your kids and family are very blessed to have you as their momma :)