Monday, March 1, 2010

hello, monday...hello, march

time is just flying by!
it was a busy day at work and it will be a
busy week.
at my carpool post,
here are the flowers
that are blooming and that have bloomed 
during the weekend.
a couple of random shots
one of the church window
and another of
a blue door.
60/365 flickr project365
brownies in the mixer for miss girly's 
basketball team pizza party...
which i forgot to bring.
now it's at home and of course tempation for me 
to eat it.
miss girly with her coach mrs. k.
she always does a great job coaching the girls
and miss girly had a great season
playing point guard for the team.

so, it's march and
the calendar is full.
miss girly's 12th birthday, getting ready for a craft fair i will
be participating in along with my friend miss c owner of bradberry
and family that will be visiting from our homestate of california
the last week of the month!

anyhoo, believe it or not...
we are scheduled to have snow tomorrow.
so done with the cold,
and so ready for flipflops, tshirts and jeans!

1 comment:

Suzanne said...

Alely! Your daughter looks like me when I was 12! I should find a pic and scan it! My eldest is 12 and I feel older every day!
Anyway, wanted to tell you that I too have changed my blog 3 times. (Although, I altogether start a new one and have yet to get my own domain name!) I started almost 3 years ago as "City Mom, Country Mom" and then gracenotes95 and now Mommy Moves Again!
Such is life , I guess, we change, we grow, hopefully for the better! :)