Tuesday, March 2, 2010

feelin' the love from darcy...

thanks girl!
she gave me my first blog award!
it was a very loveLee and unexpected surprise!
the best part is that after reading a little bit about darcy...
i found out that she lives in elk grove, ca where we lived for 8 years before
moving out to charlotte, nc!
what a small world!
anyhoo, here's the award

rules of the award is that you must list 10 things people may not know about you
and then pass it on to 10 deserving bloggy ladies:

1.  i must have coffee to start my day.
2.  i heart chocolate chip oatmeal cookies
3.  i want to travel european and asian countries.
4.  i heart to eat.  i am a foodie!
5.  before moving to the south, sweet tea was not something i would
ever think to drink, but now i heart it.  especially chic fil a's!
6.  i got really sick on a boat tour around the island of kaui.
7.  i don't like my kitchen sink filled with dirty dishes.  that bugs me. but there
have been many a times i just have to let it go.
8.  my first job was at a pizza place called round table pizza.
9.  i grew up in the san francisco bay area.
10.  i am a recovering furniture and accessory mover. 
(i use to move my furniture and accessory pieces everyday, there wasn't
a day where a room in the house wasn't changed.)

blog land/world has been so much fun!
i have bumped into so many creative women who blog about
everything that i heart...
crafting, photography, decorating, thrifting, vintage, food, traveling!

the recipients of the fabulous sugar blog award goes to 10 bloggers that
have inspired me to create in all areas of my interests.



Darcy said...

Chick fil a is one of my fav's too! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Thanks Alely! I move furniture too, except not as often (too much going on!) :)

Katrina said...

Congratulations on your first award!! You definitely deserve it-- I love your blog.

Thanks so much for thinking of me. :)

Small Burst said...

Congrats on the award and thanks for passing it on to me. BTW, I lived in East Sacramento and frequented Round Table.

Debbie said...

Congrats on your award! And choc chip oatmeal cookies rule!

{larkandbranch} Stephanie said...

Thank you so much Alely for passing along the award!!! Tell me next what a design bloggity girl is to do with this award?
You know too that we BOTH live in Charlotte? Amazing huh? :)

Jenn Miyamoto said...

Thanks for the award! I'm so honored!