Monday, March 29, 2010

celebrating and goodbye's...

we celebrated my girly's birthday tonight with the family
visiting from california.
her actual birthday is on wednesday!
she chose to go to red robin's...
she loves burgers and fries!

the dinner wasn't only a celebration dinner but a farewell dinner as well.
grandma fly's back home to california
and the rest of the crew will be doing the drive up
to washington d.c. and they will be flying back to 
california from there.

with the arrival of uncle v and cousin a today.
we have a total of 13 peeps in the house!


Anonymous said...

Love Red Robin! Looks like your daughter (and everyone else) had a good time. How's CS4 coming along? What are your plans for Easter Alely?

Mila said...

looks like fun!

Small Burst said...

Awww. Happy Birthday! Looks like you're all enjoying family time.