Thursday, February 11, 2010

thankful thursday...

I am so thankful that I sold my first handstamped jewelry piece!
Yes, super exciting!
The past few weeks have I have been plugging along working on getting
my etsy shop going online.  
I am almost there.  I've been working on some hand stamped pieces
along with some other fun sewing items that I will be
posting in the shop as well.
43/365 flickr project365

I sold one of the pieces above to a student at school
who bought it for his mom so that he can give
it to her for Valentine's Day.  Isn't that supersweet?

I haven't publicly announced and told all of you about my etsy shop
 butI will let you all know once my etsy shop is up and running.
 I have a few items to shoot so that I can get it up and posted
in the shop.  That is the goal for tomorrow along with other
things on the agenda of things to do on my
Fridays off.

For now, I am very thankful for the few
orders that have been placed through word of mouth and for all of
the encouragement I have recieved from many.



Christine said...

Congrats Alely!! Isn't it exciting. I'm so happy for you and love what I see in your pictures.

Reagan said...

Looks great--how exciting!