Tuesday, February 9, 2010

she's learning to drive...

Miss Bling started
behind the wheel driver'straining this week.  
She's never really been behind the
wheel but maybe once or twice in my sister's neighborhood and
she claims that she never pressed on the gas pedal.
Anyhoo, she's having a great time driving on the country roads these
past couple of days, however, her partner has had a little
bit of a challenge and hasn't taken to being behind the
wheel as quickly as she has.

so in the above picture is Miss Bling driving
into the school parking lot.  By the time they returned
to school it was a little on the dark side as you can tell.
Today she's getting on highway 74 and she's a little
nervous about that.  I'm sure she'll do fine.
Where does the time go, I ask?
Fleeting I suppose.



The Carolina Coles said...

hey i just wrote about life being fleeting on my last blog post, sister... sounds like we are on the same wavelength... glad Meg is enjoying your driving time!!

The Carolina Coles said...

oops her driving time!!!

Suzanne said...

Wow! Driving, can't imagine! My eldest is 12! Love your photos, I've moved! I have a new blog, it's still in progress, so forgive me!

Timi said...

omgosh! these are the best times.. thanks for sharing. great photos :)