Tuesday, February 16, 2010

pretending and make-believe...

Here is a little cottage home, 
(the one I took a picture of the other day when it was all covered up with snow.)
47/365 flickr project365
It's located right in the heart of our little town.
Walking distance to the local downtown restaurants, library and coffee shop.
Anyhoo, it looks like the owner is right in the middle of
renovating and remodeling it.
I am going to pretend that this is my house,
our retirement home...
mine and Mr. L's
 in the heart of some little town somewhere sunny and warm year round : )
because I am a t-shirt, jeans, flip flop kind of girl.
welcome to my home
this is my living room
this is my oh-so-lovely kitchen
this is my studio/craft/sewing room

and my work/office space is off of the studio
this is the grandkids room
when they come and visit : )
and in my litttle pretend world,
I would have flowers in my home
freshly cut from the garden in my backyard.
Funny thing is, if you all knew me I do NOT have a green thumb so
I'm glad this is just pretend.
in the afternoon,
I would ride my bike
to the local coffee shop 
and meet a friend for a cup of coffee or tea...
muffins or cupcakes...
afterwards, I would ride back home and take a nice long
afternoon nap in my lovely bedroom.
(pictures above except for the 1st one are compliments of photobucket, it's mary's ruffle)

even as a grown up,
I still like to play pretend
and dream a little dream.
"who knows the worse that could happen is
that little dream would come true : )"


Timi said...

LOVE your little cottage :)

Katie Lane said...

The kitchen is my favorite, I just love it!! Oh and the music on your site is great :)