Monday, February 22, 2010

oh, hello monday...

she sure seems to sneak up on me so quickly.
the start of another week.
53/365 flickr project 365
it was nice to see some flowers in the entrance of our neighborhood.
a reminder that spring is on its way.
i had an iced coffee from JJ Poloi's
in the bi-lo grocery store.
i also enjoyed going through a box of loveLee clothes
handed down to me.
i heart hand-me-downs.  
it's the best!
i heart the pair of boots but unfortunantly it's a little too big for me, 
just a little bit. 
ssssshhhh.....i think i'm gonna try and make it work anyway : )
but if i can't get away with it then i will have to find
someone else to gift them to : (.
(sniffling at the thought of not being able to keep them)
and afterschool i had artichoke dip ready for the kids to eat
and I caputured girly cute
working on her social science portolio.
good-bye monday
i'll see you next week.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the gift on MBC, Alely! So busy with work at the paper and work for Husband as well...we have snow here today! :(


erin said...

I love those boots too! Hope you can get them to work!