Saturday, February 20, 2010

oh, beautiful saturday

i had to make a run to the store early this morning
to pick up some breakfast food for m.o.g and a few of his
buddies who spent the night.
as i was walking up to pay for my items
the new issue of "Southern Living" magazine caught my eye.
i felt it calling my name.
"alely, alely, buy me, i know you want to"
i don't normally buy magazines but I was envisioning 
myself having breakfast in the back porch reading this issue.
so i caved in, i splurged and bought it!
oh, yes i did!

31/365 flickr project365
and yes, i enjoyed breakfast out in the back porch on this 
oh, beautiful saturday.
and while i ate and read my magazine
the warmth from the sun hitting against my back
felt so good.

i hope your saturday was just as loveLee as mine.


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