Tuesday, January 26, 2010

26/365 an ordinary day

I worked a couple of extra hours at work then headed home
to pick up Miss Bling to take her to the ortho. Her teeth are looking really good so
she's hoping to get them off sooner rather than later.
She asked me what color she should pick this time for her rubber bands and I said turquoise...
I heart that color on her and so that's the color she had put on

Miss Bling with her beautiful smile!
then I was asked "What's for dinner?"
The easiest thing to make ever....

Sorry to dissappoint but I don't make my
spaghetti sauce from scratch.
And in this house
there's always something sweet to eat.

Some cupcakes that My Other Guy baked...
(yes, he bakes)
and frosted by Miss Bling.

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