Saturday, November 7, 2009

UA Homecoming Court 2009!

A once in a lifetime opportunity and wonderful memories created, both Michael and Meagan were on homecoming court. Nominated by their peers, they were voted on by their grade level classmates, the top 5 ladies and gentlemen from each grade make up the homecoming court.

The rest of the Homecoming pictures

And an awesome way to end the homecoming game...last 8 seconds of the game UA Cardinals win by making a field goal...16-14! Michael and Meagan finished the evening by dancing the night away at the homecoming dance.
I'm cherishing, enjoying and having a great time living life with my kids because in the blink of an eye these years will be gone!


The Carolina Coles said...

Awesome! Thanks for getting those on so quickly so I can check it out... Wonderful pix and videos..


James said...

Great to see all the memories. Everyone looks soooo good! Thanks for the wonderful blog. You inspire me to continue ours. Love to all - The Heiders in St. Paul, MN.