Monday, September 21, 2009

Wall Words

A friend told me that they had some wall expression stickers at the Dollar Tree...Yes, the Dollar Tree. I went to check it out, found two that I liked, and put them up.
"God Bless Our Home"

"Friends are the flowers that bloom in life's garden"

I'm glad I found a home for my $1.00 wall word expressions.  On a side note, the desk in this pictures was FREE given to me by a very good friend back in Elk Grove, CA.  The great story about this piece was that everytime my family and I visited with my friend I always admired this desk.  She never knew that and one day when we were visiting she happened to tell me she was getting rid of this at a garage sale.  At that point, I told her I would take it for a price but she wouldn't take anything for it and so I happily put it in my car and drove it to its new home.

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