Monday, July 20, 2009

We've moved sites again!

I first started blogging back in November of 2006 on Blogger. I switched over to Vox because it's such a user friendly site and it had some cool features that Blogger didn't have. I experimented with Blogger/Blogspot again back in the fall of 2008 as you can tell by the Matthews Alive Labor Day post, however I found it way too complicated so I stuck with vox. But then I took a 6 month haitus from blogging and blog reading and surprisingly a few people asked about why our site hasn't been updated in a while. I started reading our vox blog and had such regret that I stopped blogging for that period of time. I am now going to start blogging again and since a few friends and family abandoned vox and moved over to Blogger I thought I would too! LOL!  However, this time instead of just family stuff, I am mixing it up a bit by posting about all of my random interests and passions.  The blog will consist lots of pictures because "pictures are worth a thousand words" and small of exerpts of each post. Thanks for stopping by!

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